Holidays & Parties

Leave it to us: Holidays & Parties
Do you know where to get the ice swan for your next party?
(Actually we’re not sure either – but we’ll find out!)
Of course you can organise everything for parties and picnics – but if you are short of time, you don’t have to. Getting in the caterers and the wait staff, or even just picking up the champagne. And then cleaning up so, you don’t have to. Call Benson+Fox.

A big job setting up dinner for 50 in the bush at Bowral. Absolute triumph. (Specially after dusk!)

Ditto for holidays. Going to Dark Mofo? Heading to Shanghai for some shopping? Uluru to dine under the stars? Don’t let your life chase you on holiday. Benson+Fox can research events and restaurants, take your cat to the vet and the cattery, and make sure you arrive home to your fridge stocked, mail cleared and the pot plants alive.

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