How it works – Questions?

What are ‘Concierge Services”? Concierge Services can be all manner of things – mainly stuff that makes your life easier, and gives you more time to do the things you want to do, rather than the things you have to do.  It’s everything on your “to do” list – from errands, to repairs around the house, shopping, holiday researching, car fixing, IT upgrades – you name it.

Why would I need a concierge? Well you wouldn’t – if you have enough time to do everything you want! But if you’re short of time, or want to make better use of the time you have, then Benson+Fox can help. You might be a busy individual, or a super-active household.  You might travel a lot, work long hours, or just rather get your hair done than arrange a plumber to fix a leaky tap. Or you might just want to avoid taking annual leave to wait at home for a new sofa to be delivered!

How does it work? If you have a one-off task you want to throw straight at us – great! But better still is pre-purchasing a block of hours, which you can use as and when you need. We suggest meeting to go over the sort of things you meed doing, and how we could do them for you. Then you can ring, email or text your task – and we’ll be onto it! Time used comes off your ‘credit’, until you need to buy some more.

I’m sure I can do everything on my list myself. We’re sure you can too – but when? And do you really need to do it yourself? Would you rather be doing something else?  When you get through that list – isn’t here something else you’d like to do? Draw up a couple of columns on a piece of paper.  Put stuff you have to do on one side, and stuff you want to do on the other.  Which side is getting the most attention?

What if I have to give you the keys to my house or car? Your security is of topmost concern. If a task requires unsupervised access to your home or vehicle (which it quite probably will) then we will go over your requirements in detail first. We’ll of course make you aware of our security procedures, and the insurance we carry too.

Do you only work in Sydney? Nope. Sure we have clients from Potts Point and Elizabeth Bay, to Pyrmont and Marrickville, and across in Lane Cove, but some also live in Western Australia and even New York! If we have to go to your home, it helps to be in Sydney, but if it’s on-line, we can go anywhere. (Plus there is a network of Concierges to call upon in other cities.)

How much does it cost? Depends what you want done! We have a casual hourly rate which will cover most jobs, a rate for vehicle servicing which might vary if you or your garage are out beyond the black stump, and a couple of packages where you purchase hours in advance. We suggest getting in touch to discuss what you want done first.

How do I pay? Payment for our packages needs to be in advance – EFT or cash. If we are buying things for you (like groceries for instance) we’d also need some money up front. Otherwise you pay for the services we arrange (like the electrician, or tires) directly – we don’t pay for them and add any sort of premium.

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