Pay for what you need

How it works – Pay for what you need
 This is easy – you buy some time from Benson+Fox – and get your time back!
Let’s say you have a one-off job. Your dishwasher is broken, and you just can’t be at home to wait for a repairer to turn up.  Contact Benson+Fox, and we’ll make all the arrangements with you and the repairer, and supervise the job.  You pay us for our hours (from $85/hour), and pay the repairer for theirs.
Packages of hours.  Face it – the whole point of this is that you have far more than a single job on your to-do list. In fact – it’s endless.  When you purchase a package of hours (from as little as $700+GST for ten hours), you can just ring or email a task at any time, and we’ll do it. You’ll get a monthly statement of hours remaining, and you buy more when you need.
Important to note though: your Benson+Fox ‘hours’ cover only the services provided by us.  For any services (like repairs, or cleaners, or dog walkers) or goods (like groceries, or cat food, or champagne!) provided by other parties, either you need to make direct payment to them, or if it’s easier, provide us with funds up front. We’ll supply you with all the records, and you can always apply any unused funds as a credit.
Vehicles for service.  We offer a fixed price for this. The idea is we can pick your vehicle up first thing in the morning, and get it back to you at the end of the day. (The pick up and drop off spots will need to be reasonably close to public transport though.)
Contact us to discuss. We’d like to meet to go over your to-do list.

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